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           The following pages are the spontaneous, personal, intuitive fruit of an endowed temperament. They are the artwork of Francisco González Gamarra, the adolescent artist who, with this series of exquisite drawings in pen, begins the great labor of creating an art that is absolutely national in character. Within this form it is specifically his impressions of Cusco, the millenarian, sacred Incan land - his native city - which achieve prominence.

Without having had any academic training, and not even a hint of a technical master to imitate, it is certainly impressive that the young Gamarra was able to successfully plant and cultivate a fruitful career. This task was especially difficult and unpleasant in an environment such as ours – with such frivolity and poverty – so hostile towards anything that could mean idealism.

In the present drawings, one can appreciate well the development Gamarra attained – the strength of his disposition, his ability to dominate varied and complex themes, the quality of his quick eye, refined to the synthesis of totalities, precisely and with detail. But, it is the technique and the physical movement of the pen, which characterize the artist’s own style – easy, moderate, quite agile, and with the robust elegance of the bold drawings from the painters of the Thames, in London. Gamarra surely did not know of their existence, yet he senses them and transmits them with marvellous intuition.

Given the strength demonstrated in his beginnings, the value of Gamarra’s future work is obvious. They are as if France flooded itself with light, divine Greece and Italy had revealed the secret of their unique lines, or immortal Spain had made seen and felt the colors on the miraculous palettes of her painters…

The truth is, nothing can console or, more appropriately, sweeten the vulgarity of our real life, entangled in crude, slovenly politicking; so, how spectacular is the hope that is opened up, the dawn that rises.

In Lima, 1914


Old Micaela Villegas Palace

Convent of San Francisco

A corner of the port

Santa Rosa de los Padres Church

The lonesome Suspiro street

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