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           Francisco González initiated the pictorial study of indigenous themes in Peru. In all of his work a profound respect for tradition is evident. Painting, for Francisco González, was "the art of the memory."

Mostly self - taught, he practiced all methods of painting - pen drawing, engraving, watercolor, pastel, tempera and oils - as well as all styles - historical, portrait, landscape, architectural, costumbrismo (native customs), caricature and decorative motif.

He painted decorative motifs like ñustas (young ladies of royal blood), pincuyo (a typical wind instrument) musicians, harps, quena and tamboril (typical Peruvian reed flute and drum), vicuñas, huarayocs (governing Incas), tapadas (women who used to cover their faces almost completely) from Lima, the rites of Inti-Raymi, the Inca on his stone throne, the heretic Willac Umu, corners of Lima and the mountains, landscapes from history and of Peru, the era of the Inca, the Spanish foundation and the independence.

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