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           The beauty of Cusco landscapes, the colonial houses with their old and worn patios and the indescribable atmosphere of the starry sky, the native people with their colorful customs, the Inca ruins, the golden sunsets, the majesty of the temples with their nice alcoves. All this environment from Cusco had imbued the acute eye of the young painter. His desk had been filled with rapidly written notes. He develops those notes later with an absolute mastery of the drawing, the color and the paint brush of the aquarelle.

Francisco González started with the pictorial studies of indigenous themes in Perú. In all his paintings he reflects a profound respect for tradition, understanding the painting as an "art in the memory" and keeping off the new aesthetic proposals that the pictorial indigenism established with a special strength in Cusco, his hometown.

In his musical composition Cusco themes are gleamed, since all of them are from Inca appearance, standing out, among them, "Noche de Luna de Cusco".

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