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The young artist

The artist's mother

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          Francisco González Gamarra was born in Cusco, June 4th, 1890, to a family of artists. His parents, Tomás González y Martinez and Eufemia Gamarra y Saldìvar dedicated themselves to painting and music. It is likely that his own family mansion instilled in him his attraction to Peru. Situated on the small street of Hatunrumioch, near the main square, the house was raised above the walls of the Imperial Palace, Mayta Capac.

During his primary education at Colegio Americano, he demonstrates his artistic talent and his mastery of drawing. And, because of a decision from the headmaster, González Gamarra, as a student, becomes an art and drawing teacher for his classmates. He enrolls at the College of Humanities at San Antonio Abad University. In 1910, he is awarded first place in a nationwide competition held by "Variedades", the magazine of Lima at the time. He moves to Lima. He continues his studies at San Marcos, the main university he spends his time around his work at "Variedades" where he meets celebrities such as Clemente Palma, son of Ricardo Palma - the famous author of "Tradiciones Peruanas" - and the painter Teófilo Castillo.

His childhood home

Piano concert in Cusco

Studio in Lima

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