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         Francisco González Gamarra is the author of "The Theory of Peruvian Art." He presented it the year 1937, in the form of the Ten Commandments and he states:

1. Peruvian art is the name of an aesthetic movement whose purpose is to invent an art that expresses the spirit of Peru.

2. This movement is inclusive of all the arts: architecture, sculpture, music, literature, and applied arts.

3. It is not political.

4. It is not extremist.

5. It is not iconoclastic.

6. It is not a slave to isms.

7. It is creative intuition.

8. It is from Peru and for Peru.

9. It praises good will and comprehension.

10. It esponses, above all, that which is essentially Peruvian.

         These 10 points," the artist maintains, "can be synthesized into just one: It is to love Peru."


Decorative pattern

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