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"I believe that during his stay in Paris he must have frequented the academic circles at L’Ecole de Beaux Arts, and I imagine that from this time we are left with what he learned about etching. He has left us splendid samples and in Lima he was the first indisputable master not exceeded in etching."

Juan Manuel Ugarte Eléspuru

Lima, 1999

Among his etchings we find:

Illustrations from the drama "Ollantay".

1.-Outskirts of "Coricancha"
2.-The palace of the Inca Pachacutec
3.-The palace of the Koya
4.-Outskirts of the fortress of Sacsaihuamán
5.-Congressional hall in the fortress of Ollantaitambo
6.-Terrace off the fortress of Ollantaitambo



Scenes from the Drama Ollantay I

Scenes from the Drama Ollantay II


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